A Leading Manufacturer

For more than 30 years Quda Auto Parts provides its manufacturing services. Today we are recognised as one of the leading manufacturers of OEM, aftermarket, and custom made metal and metal rubber automotive components in China.

Over the past decades we have continuously expanded our capabilities. Key to our success is our team of well educated, skilled and experienced engineers. We regularly invest in furthering their abilities. We are equally committed to constantly investing in and expanding our considerable machinery and tooling assets.

A Capable Team

Quda Auto Parts and its team of well educated, skilled, and very experienced engineers masters all relevant metal and metal/rubber manufacturing processes.

A Reliable Partner

We realize that true value comes from long term cooperation and mutual understanding. Therefore, our relationships with our customers are partnerships. We understand that every customer is unique. And so is our tailor made approach to serve you in your best interest.

Our OEM customers treasure our reliability and quality. Our aftermarket customers our range of SKUs, our competitive pricing, and our short lead time. Our racing, tuning, and off-road customers our superior attention to detail when it comes to making products that have to withstand the toughest environments. All our customers enjoy the benefits that result from cooperating with us for the long term: Hassle free manufacturing. Unmatched value for money.